Locating Your Field Staffs? Geolocate Them

Geoconcept, a popular company that designs optimization of geographical local chat technologies for professionals, have launched their new app called Geoconcept Geolocate; an app for Android users. This app is the answer to the mobile teams’ need for geolocated information whenever and wherever they want it.

This GPS application allows professionals working on the field to determine direct location information on the ground, thereby giving a more comprehensive and accurate analysis.

The Geoconcept Geolocate app is now available in 2 versions; free version and premium version.

1. The Geolocation App helps improve databases.

In order for resource efficiency and company performance to be improved, Geoconcept Geolocate allows mobile teams to locate a certain object/building, landmark (forest, hydrant, or lake), place, or area directly from the gadget you’re using. At any given moment, the app will be able to give you coordinates from your location with the use of the GPS, without the need for an Internet connection. These coordinates will be recorded in the app itself as soon as these data has been captured by your device.

This app is very helpful to companies in terms of tracking and monitoring their operations; business establishments can easily locate their sales personnel, delivery staffs, and technicians by capturing the exact location of the customer, the delivery address, and their exact location to give you real-time update. This is also very useful for service-oriented government agencies like the military, rescuers, or firefighters on the field. Geoconcept Geolocate points you to coordinates using a mobile terminal to update and create new data based on their table of reference. The geo-located data will then be exported with the use of a CSV file.


2. The premium version features advanced geo-optimization.

Aside from the features that are already provided in the app’s free version, the premium version of Geoconcept offers more. This version allows the users to gain access to a complex web solution of database management; in addition to the geo-coding and navigation tools that are already found on the map, the itineraries can be optimized and there are additional geo-marketing features offered.

Furthermore, the premium version of this app enables data to be exported and imported to the database of SQLite; giving greater dynamic, synchronization with the information system, interoperability, geo-located pictures and videos, and the capture of infinite number of information items. Note, however, that for the free version, you are only allowed to import and export to only a maximum of 30 contacts.

This geo-locating app is now currently available for download on Google Play.

3. Free or Premium: What should you choose?

If your business has more than 30 staffs that you need to keep track of, you should download the premium version of the app. Aside from keeping track of a lot of field staffs, there are added features that you can utilize.

The free version of the app is recommended to small businesses that only has a few field workers or few transactions outside of the office. Choosing the free version might be the most cost-effective decision.