Mallorca Company Tracks Staff Using GPS

Following on from our article on GPS tracking we asked for examples of the use of tracking technology being used by companies in the field.

One of the responses to our request was the novel use of technology by a Magaluf event and party organiser based on the island of Mallorca called

The Magaluf company, WeAreParty SL, has a large team of in the field party promotions staff who are constantly on the move.

Carl White, technology liaison for WeAreParty, says “As a company we have around fifty people moving around a ten mile square area promoting our parties to over twenty thousand holidaymakers at any one time. It’s very important that we know where all the staff are at any one time so that we can best allocate people to foot traffic hotspots”.

The company has seen a dramatic increase in its effectiveness due to the use of the GPS tracking. As Carl says “before using tracking technology we were blind as to where our staff were. We were missing out on substantial promotional opportunities because our staff were frequently located in the wrong area at the wrong time. Now we can send teams to specific areas when we know they’re busy which in turn allows us to maximise our ability to represent the company properly at all times”.

The Technology In Use

Carl showed us an example of how they utilise the tracking tech by sharing a live map image of all their current promoters in the target area. Connected by push alerts to the staff phones Carl was able to direct staff on the fly to a beach area just as holidaymakers were calling it a day and leaving to go back to their hotels.

“The plan is to expand the use of this software so that we can in turn send alerts to our customers through an application. They will be able to follow directions to get to whichever event they are attending that night.” says Carl.

With over eighteen million visitors to Spain and a substantial number to Mallorca we can see why an application to capitalise on the numbers makes perfect sense.

It sounds like a unique way in which GPS is being used to a company’s advantage and we’re pleased to hear that Geo is being used in such a productive way.

Does your Company Use GPS Tracking Technology?

Please let us know if your company is using GPS tech in its day to day operations and we’ll consider a write up on your case study.